Thursday, 16 October 2008

Zen Enforcement

Tough times hitting hard.

The hard drive in the Mac decided to die, on the exact same day its warranty died. I am suspicious and peeved and in withdrawal, back to writing this in the same smoky cybercafe we inhabited through our first six months of life in Moratinos.

Circles, I guess. I have become spoiled. It could be a lot worse.

The phones work only sporadically. My son Philip, who is supposed to come here the first week of December, just discovered his passport is expired!

I took the tip off my left index finger, using a hammer. It now has two fine stitches in it, and it hurts like the devil. It´s been a tough year for fingers!

My final "on the streets" driving test is set for Monday. Let´s hope the moon phase shifts before then.

Meantime, all the animals are healthy, and I´m slowly planting a great mountain of spring flower bulbs, and I had two batches of fine pilgrim boys (Oh, how the neighbors must be talking, what with Paddy being gone!) .. .and Paddy came back! The security people in London deemed our two containers of Thai curry paste and the jar of peanut butter much too dangerous to leave the UK via aircraft, but everything else got here OK. So there are things to be happy about.

I will return to being literary later on.
Now I have to get back to living like our parents lived, like we lived up til about 10 years ago: No telephones, no answerphones, no email, no cyber nothing. Aieee, how did we do it?

A little Bulgarian boy is dying to use the time I have left on this computer terminal...he keeps asking me (in perfect Castellano) when will I finish? I am so jealous, I may just have to wander the web a while!


Gary White said...

I'll have an extra MacBook Intel with 4 Gigs when we arrive in Spain. Interested??

PS: Elyn arrived home after a wonderful trip. Hooray!

Gareth Thomas said...

Oh dear! Sounds like you're having a hard time, Reb.

Don't forget there's free internet access in the pilgrim office in Sahagun... There were two machines there in July when I stopped there briefly to post something on my blog, soon after leaving your place. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

quizas que es demasiado largo
si fuese menos denso y con muchas mas fotografias ,los atardeceres
primaverales .los amaneceres veraniegos le dariaan mas intensidad al contenido