Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Kind of Campaign!

One of the greatest things about living in the middle of nowhere without a television or reliable telephone is NOT suffering through months of pre-election ads, spins, statistics, and other filthy lies.

Having covered years of American elections large and small, I can hardly express my joy at NOT having to cover the ongoing presidential scrum. From the notes and letters and blowback I´m getting from home, this one is particularly excruciating. (Still it seems like it´s still not occurred to anyone to just shut it all off and go for a nice walk. Or read a book!)

Just for the sake of contrast, though, I will share another constituency´s attempt to spin the upcoming election. This just in, from Peru:
These guys know how to rock the vote!


Michael Barham said...

You can join my facebook group, "Switch off the tv/radio on November 4." I've decided definately to NOT turn on any media... but am opening the doors of the church and will leading the office. Hope others join me :)


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