Sunday, 12 October 2008

A Miracle in Moratinos


Amawalker said...

Great story Reb. I wonder how many other 'urban legends' you could root out of the meseta?

Gareth Thomas said...

That is a very good story, Reb. The photo reminds me of my stay with you in Moratinos: that's the view from the Camino, by the first house in the village as you come in. Your bodega is up the hill to the right, and I remember the ammunition boxes we found in there when you showed me around. Such history.

As one who went to school in Franco's Spain in the 1960s, learning about history from the narrow point of view of Captain Nunez who taught us history (in his military uniform, under a portrait of the Generalissimo), I find the story terribly tragic, for in the end the politics and the violence of civil war is just a story of nastiness dealt out to individual people who happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong century.