Tuesday, 21 October 2008


A quick update from the smoky CyberCafe full of fellow immigrants (cept most of them are Bulgarian or Armenian or Polish): I took the driving test on Monday morning. It was a good half-hour long and we hit the tiny narrow streets, the four-lane highways, the industrial park and even an underground garage of Leon. I passed, with only a warning about pushing through yellow traffic lights. (I thought that was a REQUIREMENT here!) And at no point was I asked to park the car!

Woohoo! Paddy and I had champagne, bought back in August to mark this very event. It´s been a long road.

Still no computer, but it´s kinda fun and quiet without it. We should get it back tomorrow, I think, with a brain transplant. I wonder if it will still recognize our modem setup? The adventure continues.

Today we expect two British and one Spanish pilg coming up the Camino de Madrid. I am making butternut squash canneloni to feed them. And we met a lovely, lonely brown donkey named Gelatina yesterday, who may just come to our place to live very soon.

(I may be the only person I know who gets her drivers license in the morning, and a donkey in the afternoon!)


Martha said...

Ah, I think Geletina was the name of the donkey I met in Eunate in mid-September. I followed her little tracks along the Camino Aragones for days before Eunate. Did she come from Marseilles?

Rebrites@yahoo.com said...

no. This one has stood still in a garden in Sahagun for the past three years. I think "Gelatina" is cutesy Spanish for what becomes of donkeys once people are finished with them... at least their hooves go to make gelatine. Nice!
(We are thinking of a new name for this one!)