Sunday, 9 October 2016

Water for San Anton...and a cool book for you!

They're here at last, and ready to head out the door: "San Anton: A Little History" is a creative project a year in the making, designed to raise funds for a much-needed water supply for the scruffy little albergue.

It's a funky, magical place, San Anton. For five months a year, rough-and-ready pilgrims sleep in 12 Army-issue bunks set in among the old entryway, they eat a meal together and pay whatever they can afford for the no-electricity, no hot water, no-wifi experience.

But who lived there before the pilgrims arrived? Who built this ruined Gothic place in the middle of a field, and why did fall to ruin? Who was San Anton, and what's up with the pig?

The answers are here in a tasteful, artistic hand-size format that's easily posted and ideal for gift-giving. "A Little History" is the only English-language, easy-to-read history of the mysterious ruins that span the Camino de Santiago just before Castrojeriz.

I wrote the text last winter with historian and author Robert Mullen, a San Anton hospitalero in 2015 and a noted author and historian who lives in Scotland.

San Francisco artist and printmaker Melissa West was inspired by her camino to turn out spectacular series of linoleum and woodblock prints. She's got a sharp graphic eye and a real sense of humour, too -- she illustrated "Little History" gratis, because this is a good cause!

And almost nothing comes out of Peaceable Press without the steady hand of Kim Narenkevicius. Kim coordinated the graphics and production of this booklet, oversaw the print run, and delivered up 500 copies in time for the Christmas season shopping frenzy.

Once the printer is paid, the proceeds will help cover a new fresh-water system at Albergue San Anton -- we will not longer be at the mercy of a 500-year-old cistern and the guy next door who shuts it down when he's feeling ugly. So be generous! Help us get some reliable water, and we'll send you a cool little book!

These go for 5 Euros apiece at Albergue San Anton. I'll ship them to you from here, for minimum donation of 7 Euro, or 6 British pounds, or $7.50 US apiece, postage-paid. Use the PayPal button up to the right here, and put your shipping information in the PayPal "shipping address" box... and Bob's your uncle!