Sunday, 29 March 2009

Pilgrim, Hermit, Host, Hospitalera

In between is a busy place. I´ve not had much time nor inclination to appear online this week, as I´ve just returned from one pilgrimage and I´m off to another, longer sojourn within the next couple of days.

In between we´ve found an answer to one of my prayers, and we´ve entertained two jolly old journos from Paddy´s past.

Kim is a blog reader who came here soon after I returned from Oviedo. She´s an American from Key West, Fla., a photographer who worked in newspapers and publications before discovering the Camino and deciding, like a few other nutters I could name, to sell up everything in North America and head to Spain for a stab at a new life.

And while she´s making up her mind what to do next, she is dwelling in our despensa (otherwise known as The Hermitage) and generally helping out with things. The Peaceable is much neater and cleaner and maybe even saner with her here, even though her presence is a very quiet one. I had wondered how we´d get along during these next two weeks, and now I know it is do-able. An Answer to Prayers, right on time. (Now I hope The Camino will send us someone who can fix Una´s leg. And redesign our patio garden.)

The two journos are Derek and Brian, who worked with Paddy back in the Glory Days of Fleet Street. They are grand chaps who can drink anyone right under the table (although I am not testing this theory personally...) They don´t know much about the Camino, and can´t believe what a wacky thing we are doing here. And their first night here they got a good taste of it: five grubby young German pilgrims showed up for beers and rest and sellos. Two of them stayed overnight. A good time was had by all. Kim saved the evening, really, as she kept track of the pilgs and enabled me and Pad to take Derek and Brian out for a squid-ink paella. Having a third person here is a natural fit. I don´t know how long Kim will stay, so Applications are now being accepted from would-be Hermits.

Meantime, Brian and Derek were full stories, tales, jokes, rhyming slang, and 40-year-old Fleet Street scandal! Fascinating stuff, interesting lives. And I found it so fun to just talk Newspapers activity that´s passing into nostalgia for just about everyone these days. The two of them go back to London tomorrow, and I also will depart these shores Tuesday. I am off to do my two weeks´ stint at the pilgrim albergue in Miraz, along the Camino del Norte in darkest Galicia.

I don´t know if I´ll get to post much at all from there... it´s even more isolated than Moratinos! Be assured I will report back with photos and news and lighthearted witticisms and all that. Soon as I slow down enough to write it all.

I promise to leave Uncle Fester out of it.


John said...

OH NO - take him with you. He'd really benefit from a stint being kind to strangers, welcoming the broken and helping the lost find their way!

claire bangasser said...

'a stint at the pilgrim albergue in Miraz, along the Camino del Norte in darkest Galicia.'

This line reminds me of Paddington Bear arriving from darkest Peru.

May you have a grand old time in darkest Galicia.

Also, what a lovely thought to sell everything and walking the Camino forever :-)

Anonymous said...

I've done a few patios/gardens and you can have someone else design yours but it's a bit like having someone tell you what clothes to wear. My favorite way is to just let it take time. When you look up one day and think 'it would be so nice to see a X over there,' get one and plop it down there. If it doesn't work, try something else. In a year or two you'll have a cool patio that's yours.

Mazoo said...

Reb, Sorry you are out of phone range. I hope you had a reasonably happy birthday where you are. I remember that happy day you entered Pa. air. Love you, Mazoo