Thursday, 5 March 2009

Email from The Other Side

I am unwell.

I tried to write a blog last night about our wonderful local newspaper, but it came out all lumpen. It must be all the antihistimines.

Or maybe I really have lost my old ability to make any old story "sing."
For now I will leave that job to Bob, who was born to it.

Only interesting thing this week is related to this very blog.
I had an email on Monday from a man who says he is Julian, brother to Esteban, native of this very village -- the older brother who, like so many rural Spaniards in years past -- sought his fortune in Germany and still lives up there. He´s loving the blog, which he considers a refreshing visit to his beloved hometown.

Problem is, Esteban and Estebanito flew to Germany a couple of weeks ago. To attend Julian´s funeral.

Eerie, man. I haven´t answered the email yet, nor asked Esteban if he has another brother in Germany named Julian ... time will tell. Meantime, thank you Julian, wherever you are.

And now I´m having a plateload of Paddy´s steaming, delicious Dirty Rice, and watching big hanks of snow fall outside -- I am assured it is the last of the year. After my nap I will plant seeds in little pots, and put them in the little greenhouse to start off: brussels sprouts, poppies, peas. Hope.


CarolineMathieson said...

Get well soon m'dear..

Elyn Aviva said...

So sorry you're still unwell! Wishing a speedy recovery. I'm sure you can still make words sing, just like a birdsong--antihistamines do scramble the brain, but only temporarily.
Curious and curiouser about the email... Talk about a message from the other side!Or maybe just a very delayed email.... keep us posted.
Abrazos, Elyn

Amawalker said...

Stay warm, get well, hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

Eileen said...

Take care and be well,you and Paddy and all your critters. Like many others--more each day--I check your blog every morning to find out how life in Moratinos is going. At this point my old knees, not to mention other parts, make walking the Camino impossible, so I get my jollies as I can, and you're an important part of that. So take care of yourself, for yourself and for all your fans!

Libby said...

Ew, brussel sprouts are gross.