Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Telephone &%¿¿$&/(&?

this is an easy and quick way to tell anyone who might be trying to phone me that my two-month-old Vodafone "Sagen Simply" model sometime in the last couple of days had a battery meltdown. The acid et right through! So obviously I am phone-call free for a little while, while I wrangle with the fine, honest, and accommodating folks at Vodafone about replacing the whole shebang. (they are lying, thieving, obstructivating bastards so far, btw.)

If you want to reach me, call Paddy´s number at 664 539 188. He will answer, if he remembers to switch it on, and if it does not also go acidic. Maybe you ought to just email?

Life here is so interesting.

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