Monday, 28 July 2008

On Walkabout with a Real Pilgrim

Lots of my relatives and friends can only imagine what things actually LOOK like around here, because I never travel with photos. They depend on my amazing powers of description to paint them the picture. Which, of course, sucks.

But now, courtesy Verena Maringer, (aka "Nirvana,") a Zen Master and videographer, I have an 8-minute YouTube video that shows what a pilgrim sees, landscape-wise, right here in the 100-or-so-mile perimeter. It was shot about three weeks ago, and it´s as true-to-life as I´ve seen on the Freak-show Wonderland that is YouTube.

Enjoy! And thank you, Verena. Now I can go back to bed. (I have a bad case of medicine-head, and am losing my voice. It´s just the dust from the harvest, and a hot-sun day spent whitewashing the patio walls. I´ll get better.)


CarolineMathieson said...

I saw this before you had posted and I noticed that you and Paddy are in it very briefly!

I think its very good.


The Solitary Walker said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this video - brought back many memories of the meseta, though I was there at a different time of the year - get better soon.

Elizabeth said...

That video made me wish that I was walking across the meseta. Those skies! Instead I'm stuck in my overly air-conditioned office in frickin' Toledo, Ohio. *Sniffle*

Anonymous said...

For me that stretch of the Camino was the most impressing one with the snow-capped mountain range to the North. I don't understand why some people skip it.

Federico said...


See you soon!


claire said...

Ah, thank you. I can visit you from my armchair. What a treat. What a thrill. My heart is longing for the Meseta.
Until I see you for true.

Virginia said...

What a delight to find your website! The video stirred up a confusing longing to be back on the prairies of my home in rural Iowa - the majesty of the skies and clouds and a clear view of the bold, beutiful world. Of course it is also mixed up with heart-memories of my years in Spain...I eagerly look forward to my Camino next May...and perhaps meeting YOU! I am closing to continue reading...thanks for the wonderful website window! 8-)

In Sunny Santa Fe