Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Moving Slowly. But moving.

Things are so unsteady around here even the dogs are feeling it. Una´s hiding all her toys and bones in a very dark corner of the house, and hanging out in there with them. I know how she feels, but I rather prefer staying out in the sun long as it´s shining.

The drugs are working, I am feeling a good bit better. We are moving things quite slowly into the new house; last night we slept there for the first time. Once we get the water heater working it´ll be like home, especially when we get some pictures up! Colin and Margaret, our buds from Wales, are stopping by in a couple of weeks, (they´re bringing cheddar cheese, bless their hearts!!) and Libby will probably pop in within a couple of days. We have a fully outfitted kitchen now, and I dug our good heavy cookware out of the barn. So we can roast and bake and friccassee if we wanna, and we WILL!

It´s cool having the pilgrims all around, right outside the door. Last night, just before bed, we nipped into the Irish Pub around the corner. We said hi to several pilgs, but got the best welcome from Kike and Javi. Kike is a Moratinos native who drives trucks for the building supply company. He was one of the orujo singers/dancers we enjoyed so much during the Fiesta. (While in his cups he offered to visit Mario Bozo with a pistola! Don´t worry, he told us. It´s so old they don´t make the bullets any more.) Kike´s not a pretty man...he´s missing some teeth, which kinda makes him look like a cathedral waterspout. But in a sweet way.
Javi (I think that is his name!) is the guy who sold us our chainsaw. He came over and said "welcome to the neighborhood," (apparently word has gotten around) and said he lives right over the road. If we need anything, just shout, he said. Nice. He could be the gargoyle opposite Kike, as he´s got as many extra teeth as Kike has missing. Makes me wonder.

Paddy said in all his days he´s never lived so near a pub. Still, the two of us are downright abstemious these days. For whatever reason.

Anyway, Patrick´s son Matt lives in Spain too, way down south on the beach near Malaga. He is bilingual, and Paddy´s bailed him out of several scrapes in the past. He now is stepping up to help us out, running interference with lawyers, etc. He told us yesterday that Paco Rojo, our shiny new lawyer from Palencia, phoned up Mario Bozo yesterday and actually got an answer. A familiar answer: "I´m starting work in Moratinos again on Monday."

I don´t know what all was said, but I hope it included "You´d better start working before November, or we´re coming after everything you own, pal."

Not very Compassionate, I know. But someone´s gotta stop this bugger. Or start him up. Vamos a ver.

I will post some photos of the new place ASAP. The internet connection is in Moratinos, and the new place is 9 km. away. Maybe I´ll take the computer in and see if I can roach a wifi signal somewhere... or maybe I will try to enjoy life without email and blogs and monumental time-wasting programs for a while.

I must stay sharp. I must not lose my ability to waste time manually, the old-fashioned way.

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