Tuesday, 16 October 2007

keep away.

We have a Czech pilgrim named Patrick toiling for us by the hour. He´s living in the old salon. He sings and plays the guitar at odd moments, but works very hard. He made us feel all hopeful and purposeful.

I was planning on meeting my pilgrim bud Wanda in Salamanca today for a Girls´ Night Out at the Convent, but this morning the lights went out at the Peaceable Kingdom, and the power won´t come back on. The electrician is only taking messages.

Paddy went for a walk with the dogs, and hasn´t come back. It´s been 3 hours.

Patrick the Czech is clearning the tons of old moldy straw out of the barn, a job neither Patrick nor I can bear, allergy-wise. Patrick the Czech is vegetarian, and has been sleeping outdoors for almost a week. I haven´t figured out how to tell him he can, indeed, shower and do his laundry, please! (Still I am very grateful he´s here. James found him, and brought him over, knowing the straits we´re in just now.)

I am doing heavy work again, too, clearing out the construction debris upstairs and out back and hauling it by the furgoneta-load to the dump. I hope it is not a mistake, that we aren´t expected to live among the rubble until an estimator comes and determines the degree of horror left behind by Mario & Co. If I don´t keep busy I will lose it. We are working very hard and sleeping the sleep of the righteous every night.

There´s still no hot water at the new place. It´s a schizophrenic existence.
If you were planning to stop in for a friendly visit, this may not be the best time.

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