Thursday, 28 November 2019

Coming Right UP

No, I am not dead.  I have spent the last few months dedicating my energies to Peaceable Projects Inc., the US-based charity we founded two years ago.  I've edited three books with author Mitch Weiss, and just this very day released this to the whole world and a few thousand email contacts:   

Back in America it's Thanksgiving Day.
The Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup is out on the road somewhere between Vilares del Orbigo and San Justo de la Vega, picking up trash in the rain.
Meantime, me and Kim are hogging two "office tables" in the bar at Hotel Asturplaza in Astorga, Spain, using their internet and friendly food and drink service...
"A Furnace Full of God" is now registered, barcoded, and posted on Amazon!
This memoir is the product of years of work: writing, editing, designing, drawing, and just plain living, by me (Rebekah Scott) and Kim, aka Stone Boat Midwifery, who made it all look so good.
(I think this makes us digital nomads!)
We still need to look over the final author copy before we make it public, and then we will post the final link and let you know ... and you'll have them in time for Christmas giving.


Anonymous said...

Oh happy day...Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful to end my day (it's 11:30 p.m. in MN) by seeing a new post from my favorite camino blog. Can't wait to read A Furnace Full of God. Thank you.

Sheri in MN

Unknown said...

Hi Rebekah and Paddy,
it is wonderful, to read that you are still going strong at the Peaceable Kingdom. I think of you often
With my 80th birthday coming up I have been given 14 more years than my father. But the only way to benefit from this is to stay active and stay social.
To that end I now go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week followed by a relaxing swim. Mind you it almost killed me a few weeks back when I was on the tread mill and lost control as it went too fast. I fell and found myself hanging onto the bar with the runaway tread mill rapidly tearing the skin from my knees . But I have survived and am healing
But It has all been worth it as I can still keep up with the younger walkers on my hill walking team. And I have gone down a couple of inches on the waistband.
That takes care of the fitness but how do I stay social?
Well, go out every morning and get the paper and shop. And I go to the hospital every Wednesday as a volunteer in the cardiac ward. ( the ward for broken hearts , as I call it) and spend a few hours going round the patients for a chat. Some live 80 miles from home and friends .
But although I can still fight the battle against ageing of the body I am afraid that the mind is a lost case as I progress steadily into its dotage.
But I am reinforced by a heart full of memories and you two are in some of the best
love frank.