Wednesday, 29 January 2014

On Walkabout

I am off to London to buy beautiful dresses, like a princess.
Then I shall fly to the rugged, storm-toss´d coast of La Coruña, and from there walk with some dear clergical types down the Camino Ingles to the great shrine city of Santiago de Compostela. It is a getaway, a retreat.
I hope it does not rain the entire time, but hey -- it´s February on the Galician coast. WaddaIwant?
Walking is a form of prayer, a contemplative practice. 
I am walking for Roger, a very fit, athletic pilgrim who´s just been diagnosed with an awful disease.
I am walking for Philip, my newlywed son, who must finish law school now and find relevant employment.
I am walking for Paddy´s health, and for my mom´s.
I am walking for Moratinos, and all the people who live and work here. 
I am walking for me, too. For hope, and surviving the next month or two. For cool new ideas, green shoots in the dark grey lawn of winter.
And I am walking out of gratitude, cause there´s so many little things in my life that are beautiful. 
And I am walking because I just like to walk.

I am not taking electronica along. You won´t hear from me unless something extraordinary happens. So be patient.


Christine Adams said...

Buen viaje, chica! Buena suerte!

Ingrid said...

Buen Camino and have fun in London

Martea Cashion said...

I am walking with you my sweet sister!

Sil said...

Hey Reb, Have a wonderful walk. I'll be walking in your footsteps (from Ferrol) in June with 90 year-old Uncle Bob.

Claire Bangasser said...

Have a blessed walk, Rebekah, every step of the way.

tio tel said...

Buen Camino Reb. Like Sil we'll be following in your footsteps later in the year. Once you get back any updates on the route and accomodation would be welcome - on the forum.
God bless you

Colin Davies said...

Good luck with both endeavours, Rebekah. As for rain . . . Well, it hasn't stopped since mid December. And it's worse here in Galicia!

Deirdre said...

Buen Camino, Peregrina. Que Santiago te bendiga. Si tuvieras un momento, me gustaria una pequena oracion tambien!

Anonymous said...

Buen Camino

K Samulis said...

Buen Camino! For you and all your intentions. Pax