Sunday, 11 September 2011

Limited Contact

The internet connection in our house has gone south again. I write this from Bruno´s place. I will get back into better touch when Civilization returns to The Peaceable.(everything else seems to be breaking down, too. Tis the season!)

Meantime, I am doing the re-write on Zaida, the novel I wrote last November. Without the internet distractions the work is progressing apace. Also, the English lessons here in Moratinos recommenced yesterday evening... I thought I might get five or six takers, now that the summer rush is over. But TWELVE people showed up, and stayed for a full hour and a half! What fun!

But seeing as I need to move on out of here before another purchase is required, here is my offering for the week. An offering, really, from Kim. She lived with us for a good while in the last couple of years. She is a  gifted woman, and a filmmaker. Here is her summary of her Year On The Road, part of which was spent with us in Moratinos. I could never have put it better than she does -- our house, and the Camino de Santiago, and Finisterre at the end. Put it on full screen and pour a glass of Tempranillo and just enjoy:

reflections from the end of the land from soulful road on Vimeo.

Thank you, Kimster, for being a part of our story.


Anonymous said...

A lovely, sensitive film from Kim, reminding us of the beauty in small things. The bottle at Fisterra rather poignantly reminded me of the two bottles I launched there about 5 years ago, complete with ribbon tags. No news so far, but I wait.....

Thanks for this pleasing film which says much by insisting little....


kimster said...

the peaceable kingdom and all of its beasts are forever in my heart. ... as is that long, strange and beautiful road. ... thanks reb and paddy.

keep a light on for me.


Karen Hypes said...

Wonderful film Kim. Thanks for sharing Rebekah. Makes us want to walk to Finisterre again.

Dayton and Karen
London, Canada

FrereRabit said...

I followed your suggestion and poured a glass of Ribera before watching the film. It is really enchanting and at times powerfully atmospheric: the shot of the horses is wonderful. Also some nice shots of Moratinos and Paddy smiling, the dogs in the long grass, and the wide shots of the Camino.

Like Karen, I'd say it makes me want to walk to Finisterre again soonest.

The Solitary Walker said...

Such a wonderful film of Kim's, Rebekah. (I felt compelled to make a link to it from my blog.)

George said...

This is a magnificent little film, Rebekah, and I enjoyed it immensely. I discovered it on Robert's site (The Solitary Walker). You live in such a beautiful place!