Saturday, 16 April 2011

Big News for Moratinos!

Albergue Hospital San Bruno is OPEN today! 
 There is no lawn yet, and there are a few details that need to be sawed-off or tucked away. But more than anything else, there are PILGRIMS in there this afternoon, writing assiduously in their diaries, drinking beer, and basking in the sunny little patio.

The smile on Bruno´s face stretches from ear to ear. He´s undergone every kind of nightmare, expense, and bureaucratic shakedown getting this job done. He is probably a saint by now.

So if you find yourself in Moratinos, stop by the big house on Calle Ontanon and give him a big pat on the back. And then pull up a bench and buy yourself a nice gin and tonic, or a big plate of authentic Italian pasta. You might even book in for a clean, fresh bunk. Custom-built by Segundino, the carpenter next door.


ksam said...

Ok if a NJ neighbor wanders down to your end of the street? Should said NJ person happen to be on the road in that neck of the woods?

MermaidLilli said...

Congratulations, Moratinos!
Is this albergue in that house that had been started by someone else? Paddy showed it to me when I was there. It also held wooden sections of 1 or 2 "real" yurts. What happened to those?

claire said...

It sounds good, Rebekah :-)
I wonder now whether I will ever be in your neck of woods again.
But reading about your life is just the same thrill as ever.

laurie said...

A perfect sociological experiment for you Rebekah, as you document the inevitable changes that this new neighbor will bring to town. What's next, an Alimentacion? A bar? What do your neighbors think of all of this? Can't wait to see for myself in about 6 weeks!
Abrazos, Laurie

FrereRabit said...

So, at last it is open! This will revolutionise Moratinos, no?

It is nearly two years since I sat there at the entrance to the village, watching the pilgrims passing through, while I nursed my broken foot. How time flies! said...

KSAM: We let just about anybody in here. Even people from New Jersey.

And Lilli: San Bruno is not the Alamo, the place you refer to. The yurts are still inside the house somewhere, I think (disassembled!), the house is slowly disassembling as well.

It would be interesting for a sociologist to watch things change here. So much has gone by in the short time we have been here... my head spins. I only wish I could write cogently about it.
But writing, alas, seems to elude me these days. It is very depressing.

Anonymous said...

Please tell them.....

Theyb have EARNED a Camino guitar....