Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fin de Piggy

Here is what became of the swine on Monday.
A good time was had by all. (The pig was beyond caring.)
Those are pork loins, and pig faces, and chorizo sausages, in case you´re wondering. Even more was hung up in a room up in the rafters upstairs, where the sleeping family can have delicious dreams beneath a rack laden with aging links and loops of ground hog. 

Lovely Leandra shows how a pork loin is sliced

Carlos rejoices in the abundance

how chorizo links happen

Aptly-named Milagros does it all
And a note for all of you wondering what´s happening with the pilgrimage to Santiago: When you agree to walk with a family member, you kinda walk with the entire family. Which means we are waiting a few days so Paco can go to the doctor, and Christy can keep an appointment, and maybe the weather will improve in the meantime. Which looks like Monday afternoon now...    

We have pilgrims in the house, too! Patrick the Czech guy, who stayed here and helped us lay floors in the despensa way back at the start of things in 2007, is back again -- this time he´s chopping firewood and entertaining everyone with his guitar-kazoo renditions of "Stairway to Heaven" and "Wish You Were Here."     

Wish you were here, too.


Anonymous said...

and I wish I were there too!...


emilene said...

I WISH!! Don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until 2012 to start walking...

ksam said...

Chorizo!!! Looks good!

JenMonster said...

I love the way things are done in your little town of Moratinos. I am looking forward to getting back to basics as soon as I can. I love the saying, "Anything worth having is worth working for." I can't wait to know where every piece of food I eat comes from!

FrereRabit said...

The weather here at the other end of the country has been wonderful. There were people on the beach in bikinis two days ago! (Most of them were women I think.)

Now it has turned cold again. I am looking forward to the meseta in winter, the Camino between Burgos and Moratinos. I'll walk that bit of the path towards Moratinos for Juli, while you walk further west for her. Two arms of pilgrimage: an embracing movement, I think.

It will be a quick stop-over, then I'm hoping to go to Malaga for some hands-on training with the giant Andaluz donkeys, ready to take my place in the programme to save the endangered long-eared lovelies.

Have you ever seen Luis Bunuel's 1934 "Land Without Bread"? (Las Hurdes) If not I'll bring it with me. It is the film of Spain before the Civil War, and it talks of the simple but hard life of the poor in a way that moves you to tears for the harshness of their lives. You see why they wanted revolution.

The Solitary Walker said...

God bless the pig and all who dine on her!