Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Back to the Light

Good sense and sunshine returned to The Peaceable on Monday, in the form of Kim.
She heard about the downward spiral I was on, so she got on a bus and came back.
Gently she told me again what Paddy´s been saying for weeks, what Fred said right here on the blog comments: Una´s not seen the X-rays. Let her live as long as she wants.

So we filled in the grave out in the yard (loosely), and we had a big dog party out at The Promised Land, a piece of rugged, untillable erosion that´s full of hare-holes but has a beautiful view. Kim made a beautiful Valentine of a video out of it. (it´s so cool, having a videographer in the house.)

a big dog party from salt ... on the road on Vimeo.

Life goes on. Una´s going slow, but she´s still going. As Paddy always said, "she´s as game as a pebble."  Kim goes back on the road today. I feel a whole lot better. I think Una might, too. Friends are good.

I bought seed garlic from The Garlic Dude at the street market in Sahagun, for planting over the winter in our spankin´ new garden beds. I was warned, however, to hold off planting garlic til after St. Martin´s Day, November 6. Not because that´s the new moon. Not because that´s when the first frost always comes. Because that´s just what you do.

And so I will.

altitude therapy from salt ... on the road on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

This is not a dying dog.

See you on Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I had to watch the valentine a few times as my tears of joy and pent up emotion kept getting in the way...what a delightful family....glad to be a relative,


Anonymous said...

ps Kim you rock as a cinematographer!

Laura said...

Great post! The video will be watched again and again... I am in tears - joyful tears. Nice to see Lulu smiling.

Br. Francis said...

Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Loved every minute of it.

... and from what I can see, I agree with Freddy. Rock on, Una.

Tell that rascal Paddy I said ho.

Bro Francis

Patrick O'Gara said...

Where is that idle lout, your husband?

In his cups, again, no doubt.