Monday, 31 May 2010

See For Yourself!

I always wanted to be a Patron of the Arts, but somehow figured that meant I had to be a millionaire first. But no, the Camino provides! We have tons of talented people stopping in here. They make paintings and photos, poems, articles, novels, plays, liturgies, wine, comedy sketches... even little knitted sock monkeys. And all we have to do is feed ém some dinner and send them to bed. What a deal!

Since we had such talented guitarists in the house, Kim got her Creativity (and her camera) going and made a couple of music videos this morning. They´re not exactly jump-cut song-and-dance costume extravaganzas, but they´re sweet and stable and full of little accidents of light and noise and critters. Which is to say, good reflections of Peaceable Life.

I will attempt to embed them here:

(the ending of this one is sweet!)

... and a backyard Bossa Nova:

(these are not showing up true to size on here, so just double-click on the screen and you´ll see them just fine in YouTube.)
I hope you enjoy them as much as Max the Rooster apparently did.


Laura said...

I think that Max wanted more. So do I!

Blasé said...

Sounds like y'all had a good time!

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

Loved hearing the birds in the background- especially that raucous rooster!
Someone taught me how to change the html when YouTube videos were too big, and it wasn't as scary as it sounded. Basically, you go into the embed code and find h and w and reduce them in proportion (in two places in the code). I did them to embed this on my blog, and found that h= 430 and w= 259 seemed to work well for this. Having said that though, they look wonderful on Youtube itelf in the wider screen size.
Congratulations to the patron of the arts!

Johnnie Walker said...

Oh - he IS good. Great to see you having such fun :)

ksam said... I can go to work in a good mood! Even on the first day of the week, this being the Tuesday after Memorial day. Gracias! Karin

CJ and CL Walking Nomads said...

Hi Reb, We are enjoying your blogs as we walk along the VDLP. Thank you for your comments and encouragement re visiting Hervas. We have really enjoyed this idyllic little spot. Today we discovered the Sephardic Jewish restaurant and had wonderful local fare....mainly vegetarian (our choice today). The couple running it are delightful and the husband is about to appear in a moving dramatic performance down by the Roman bridge next month. Pity we will miss it. On to Banos tomorrow.

CaroleH said...

That's so lovely.. . . . always something happening at the Peaceable. . . . Thanks.