Friday, 5 March 2010

It´s still stormy and chilly here, but with a few days of sunshine in between to give us hope. And to give us a chance to put the tiles back up on the walls. Which we have not done.

We´ve had pilgrims, though. Two Americans, including Grant Spangler, a guy whose website has just about anything you ever wanted to know about the pilgrimage to Santiago; and Roger and Ian, two very English gentlemen who head up the newly accredited Peterborough Pilgrims confraternity. Important people all.

Oh, and a helicopter pilot from Madrid, a jumbo-jet pilot from California, and an unemployed ex-con from LaMancha.

Otherwise the house is empty. The Italians are gone for a break. Kim is off in Barcelona, visiting the Sisters of the Lamb. (Be careful. This is what happens when you pick up hitch-hiking nuns.)

I started on a rather complicated blog about Reasons To Be Nice, but find I cannot write my way out of a paper bag. So here are some photos, some of the people above, some of the neighborhood, etc. Sorry. I will be back when I have something to say.


claire said...

I like to be nice because it usually feels nice, unless I feel like a pushover and then it does not feel nice at all.

Thank you for lovely pictures and making me want so much once again to be a fly on your wall.

Kiwi Nomad 2008 said...

I think most of the nuns here in NZ are too old to hitchhike, so at least I am safe on that score ;-)

ksam said...

Hmmm thoughts:
*I agree with Kiwi, most of the Nuns I know, wouldn't couldn't ever hitchhike!
*And my theory on nice: it's a four letter word...don't care for it! Not that I don't try to be but it's sorta...vauge..indecisive..blah, bland! If you have to be a four letter word..kind might be better!

But..all kidding aside, sounds like the adventure continues at your place, and thanks for the pic's. I keep changing my wallpaper on the computer to keep from going completely mad!