Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Blame the Dogs

Anyone searching for evidence of life out this way will have to make due with this little posting.

April seems to have turned downright nasty on us. Three days ago, the dogs had a delightful roll out in the fields in what looked, and smelled, like pig doo. Once we got home, we immediately bathed them.

We think that is where the germs came from. As such, we spent the wee early hours of Monday morning on our knees in the bathroom. We continue to shake, rattle, moan, hurl, and sleep, in turns. Thank God Kim is here. She´s felt a little woozy here and there, but by all accounts is weathering this a lot better than we are... she did not directly participate in the Dog Washing Incident.

So this way, the household is still humming along, even if the Bosses are laid-up with Swine Poo Flu. As for my usual correspondence, and all the other promises I´ve made, well. Sorry. I´ll get back to you when I get back on my feet again.

Oh, and Una and Tim? The dogs are feeling fine. Even though it´s all their fault.


M.A. said...

¿No son pulgas?
¡Cielos, Rebeca! ¿qué habéis pillado? Cuanto lo siento, debe ser horrible. Que os mejoreis pronto.

Anonymous said...

It's going around. Both sides of the Atlantic. Call it spring cleaning !


claire bangasser said...

Spring cleaning, Spring cleansing.
Just think how great it will be to feel good again!

Gary White said...

It was great to see you on your feet and looking no worse for the wear today. Thanks again for being our neighbors.

Eileen said...

Ah,is amigos, just think how strong your immune systems are getting! Can you get Kefir there to restore your guts when this is over? Vaya con Dios...I'm thinking of you often.