Saturday, 9 August 2008

Sweet Summertime Saturday

If I was sophisticated I´d have some music playing in the background of this post. On my ITunes program I am finding all kinds of music I didn´t know I had, left behind by kindly and/or negligent pilgrims. This is Jack Johnson, singing "Private Concert." Nice!

I was going to wait til Sunday to post, telling you all about the Vermut party, but today, Saturday, is so fine I am going to post anyway. The weather is cool and breezy and beautiful. Bob the Canary is singing along to the above acoustic guitar. Thomas the Dutch Pilg Handyman, is working miracles outside and in... Paddy in the kitchen is working wonders, even with wierd lamb alimentary canal meat for €1.25 we had for lunch; and this afternoon Estebanito pulled up with a great armload of decorative gladiolas for tomorrow´s big Vermut. (And we have a summer kitchen with an unused kitchen sink to put gladiolas in til tomorrow morning!) We tried a bottle of the cheap vendimia (aka this-year´s "green") Rioja wine I bought for 1.60€ a bottle for the party, and it is AMAZING. I am going on Monday to buy every bottle of this stuff they have in the cheap warehouse store, to put in the bodega.

Talk about miracles, (aka Milagros)... Life is good!

Two German pilgrims stopped this morning, animal lovers who raise alpacas on Lanzarote... they had the leftover bones from the steaks they ate last night, and quickly bought their way into the cheaply-bought hearts of Tim and Una. We are expecting our Grenadian architect this evening. And tomorrow... the party. And Dick and Filipe, two of my best amigos ever.

How can anyone not like summertime?

The house pics are "before" and "afters." We´d have waited indefinitely to paint the outside of the place if Thomas hadn´t rolled up to the door, looking for work. Might as well!


DG said...

Wow, Rebecca, your place looks nice. I know you don't like the green you painted part of your house with, but I think it looks nice. Green is the color of life & renewal. Have a wonderful party with your friends & I hope to see you on my next Camino.
Kelly from the Forum

The Solitary Walker said...

Have a great tomorrow.

And, btw, those courgette fritters were simply delicious!

Gary White said...

Hope your party is smashing. Elyn Aviva and I look in at your blog regularly. We are looking forward to seeing you when we move to Sahagun.