Friday, 23 May 2008

I Wanna Be Elected!

As if you haven´t had enough of candidates and elections lately, look what´s landed in my Comments box:

Blogger Charlie Blockhead said...

YOU ARE A BEST OF BLOG FINALIST!!! Congrats on making it to the final round and remember to tell everyone you know to head on over to to vote for your site...Winners will be announced June 2nd so gather up your faithful followers and tell them you want to be one of this year's Best Of Blogs!

I am up for a "Best of Travel and Leisure Blogs" award." (It IS a legitimate honor to win one; these guys are not a marketing scheme.) I think the prize is a plaque. And an ego boost, and links that bring a ton more readers to the site. I could use an ego boost, having been told this very day by our contractor that I am getting FAT.

I´ll try to embed a link, so you can just CLICK HERE to VOTE.
Scroll down to the Travel and Leisure section, and my blog is "moratinos life." You can vote every day if you want.

Seriously, I am doing a good bit of writing these days, most of it trying to get my thoughts in order for a series of Podcasts. I will link those to this blog, if and when they are produced. I think they will be fun... for me, and for youse. It´s two expats, one from Norway, one from USA, chatting about their lives along the Camino in Spain. It will be rather Camino-oriented at first, but me and Ivar always find lots of fun things to talk about and crack wise over when we get together. He´s a computer whiz, (he runs so we thought we´d invite you to the table, too.

Miracles continue to occur at The Peaceable, and most of them involve concrete in some way. Suffice it to say a Dutchman is making rainwater flow off the chicken-house roof and out of our back yard, using only corrugated iron, recycled roof tiles and several bags of concrete. He was halfway through the job before I remembered Dutch people are the world´s best at moving water around. He´s a natural, this Thomas guy! He is half Croatian, but he looks like someone in a Van Gogh painting.

I have taken to staying up very late these days. I think somehow the Camino Ingles trip re-set my internal clock. I have a lot more energy, and just don´t seem to need so much rest. Amazing! Now if I could only stay focused on one thing until I got it finished! We have half-finished projects scattered all over the place, I think just because there are SO MANY things that need to be done. Many of them are onerous, like matching up the mountain of orphan socks on top the dresser, or shopping for a mattress, or studying the Drivers Ed. manual. It´s easiest of all to just sit down with a New Yorker magazine and not do anything at all.

PS: Paddy came up with the best vote-getter yet. This is stolen direct from his blog:




lillirod said...

Congrats on the two nominations and success on winning on both entries. I already voted!

Elizabeth said...

I've already voted twice (since you can vote once per day!).

Anonymous said...

I would love to vote but can't access site.Could you post a link please said...

Done like dinner! I put a link into the post. (I know I should´ve done that in the first place, but I am still learning how to do this.)