Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wonderful International Weirdness!

This is the kind of wonderful international of weirdness that makes me glad to be part of the world right now, and very glad we have the Internet, even way out here on the perimeter!

Just FYI: Leningrad Cowboys are from Finland. The Red Army Choir was a famous Cold War Commie chorus whose big hit "Song of the Volga Boatmen" is touched-on. Kinda. And "Sweet Home Alabama" is pure southern-fried Americana. Pull up a Stoli martini (or maybe Absolut? Or Wild Turkey?) and enjoy!


CarolineMathieson said...

Hmm, they seem to have exchanged fake pointed hats for the hairy doughnut things they had a decade ago!

Caroline x

Elizabeth said...

I love the lead singer's long, pointy shoes. I also love the random, powder blue-suited, bee-hived woman dancing badly off to the side. This is why I love the Finns. They're silly.

PL said...

Bi-zarre. Echoes of Rocky Horror Picture Shot and Clockwork Orange.

- Nev