Tuesday, 25 March 2008


This isn´t the usual Life On The Farm blog entry, but you will forgive me, won´t you? I may not be able to blog again for a little while, and I need to let everyone know what´s going on.

Paddy is in the hospital in Palencia. We took him to the doc. this morning because since Friday he´s been bleeding from "down under," and he started to get concerned. He finally told me yesterday, in his usual dry way. He didn´t want me to worry. Right.

So after a few lame jokes about Good Friday and misplaced stigmata (we toured a Poor Clare monastery on Saturday in Carrion de los Condes, with lots of bloody-wound decor) we hied him off to the clinic this morning. They handed him a form and said get thee to the hospital Emergency Room ahora mismo, pal. And so we went.

And that is where he is now. They´re doing all kinds of tests, and in the morning they´re going in to see what they can see.

The first bunch of results came back fine, we are told. Not to worry.

So I am back at the Peaceable, where men are painting the inside of the house and treating the ceilings for woodworm, happy as larks. I am told to collect toothbrushes, slippers, a new novel, etc. And a dictionary. If this day has showed me anything, it is that sometimes my comprehension of spoken Spanish outstrips Paddy´s. So maybe he is afraid, too, just a little.

Everything here is on such a fine balance... a broken arm, a lost checkbook, so many things could so easily send this entire enterprise crashing to the ground.

In my heart, in the long run, I know things are going to be all right. But it´s the short run that kicks the crap out of people. So I am letting myself feel afraid for now, so I can get through it and get over it before I have to drive back down to Palencia and be brave.

If you know how, won´t you say us a prayer?


claire said...

Hi, hi, Rebekah,

You and Paddy are in my prayers until he's safely back home with you and being his usual wonderful healthy self.

Much much love,
May you both feel protected always,


Anonymous said...

Hello Rebekah,
We will be sending you prayers from Canada. Please know you and Paddy are in our thoughts and hearts.
Buena Suerte
Tom Friesen
y los hospitaleros de Canadá

Anonymous said...

prayers from me, too

JaneB (from the SantiagoToday forum)

Teri said...

Hi Rebekah and Paddy. You're both in my prayers. Big hugs. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hi Reb,
Daniel here, in Bayonne for a few days before flying back to Cali. Thanks for your warm welcome in Salamanca; I will keep my medical fingers crossed that Paddy's body mends and the only red either of you sees in the near future is the poppies crowning the green of wheat fields.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebekah, further to previous correspondence I was just looking at my schedule and wondering when I might be 'your way' when i came upon your blog and your most recnt news. Will include you and Paddy in our prayers here at Canterbury Cathedral. May see you around 16/17 April. With love and prayers, Clare.