Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jesus Works a Wonder

Jesus isn´t just The Sweetest Name I Know, he is also our friendly tile-setting guy. And today he pulled off a miracle I´d pretty much given up on. He took the big Lebanese mosaic I rather impulsively bought online last summer (and paid out the wazoo in customs duty for!) and he stuck it right up on the wall, just where I´d envisioned it from the very start.

He made it look easy: Zim, zam, voila! (They say Jesus always works in threes. Maybe they´re right!)

My friend Dick from Holland says the reform work will go on and on forever, until one day.... Wham! It all comes together and you suddenly achieve House!

I think the mosaic is a big step toward that. We´re getting there. Poco a poco.

I was going to write about doing up international expatriate tax forms, but why? There is misery enough in this world already. (I wish there was someone around here who knew how to do this. Who spoke English. And wasn´t a greed-head.)

It´s still kinda jarring for an old Calvinist like me to hang out with people with names like Jesus and Immaculate and Restitution. It reminds me of an old one-liner from seminary:

"If Jesus is Jewish, why´s he got a Mexican name?"

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