Saturday, 22 December 2007

Sweet Day Saturday

Me and Libby are spending her final Saturday here in the Moratinos kitchen. She is leaving on Tuesday.
The dogs are sacked out in front of the fire, worn out from their morning run through the campo. (Una dug out and caught three mice.) They are digesting the offal left over from a huge hunk of lamb parts purchased yesterday. (Too gruesome, really, to describe here without offending my animal-loving friends.) We are having leg o lamb for Christmas dinner, and lovely Albariño wine, and maybe some real Cuban rum, and some of Milagros´ homegrown green beans!

We´re listening to Black Crowes singing the blues.
Paddy´s back in Sahagún, Christmas shopping.
This afternoon I will make the apple pies for our feast. We´ll serve it with Torta de Casar, the best cheese on the planet.
Maybe one of us has a winning El Gordo ticket!
There is so much to feel good and warm about.

Here is my holiday wish for everyone: May your days be merry and bright. Try leaving behind all the commericalism and BS and find that little bit of gratefulness inside yourself that makes Christmas into a Thanks-giving.

We are very, very blessed.


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