Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Gettin On Widdit

Robert Louis Stevenson said, "Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits."

If I believed in tattoos I might have that one imprinted on the back of my hand!

I really don´t feel like a failure, but then that depends on your definition of the word. I suppose the Gordon Geckos and Capitalists and American Dreamers -- aka the people who run everything -- would consider me on the road to perdition. But I am, for the most part, enjoying the trip.

The sun is shining so brightly here it shows all the dog-nose smears on the window glass and the layers of plaster dust on everything. The Peaceable Kingdom has a different feel these days, now that we´re only spending days here. Somehow, the hours we spend sleeping in a particular place give it a particular vibe that leaves an emptiness once we shift to another nest.

Still, we manage to put in many hours each day here, mostly owing to Una and Tim Dogs and the internet connection! One plus is the welcome we get every morning when we pull up to the front gate. Both dogs go entirely hysterical with joy, as if we´d been gone for days or months. It´s so fun to be so beloved!

As I told you Friday, Mario Bozo stood us up in Mansilla. He was supposed to come here yesterday, and didn´t show up then, either. So it´s lawsuit time. What a bore.
But it´s kind of a good thing, too... We can now ´get on with it´ and get a real contractor to come in and do the work.

Meantime, me and Patrick and Libby put the first coat of paint on the despensa project yesterday. It is amazing, the great number of sins a simple coat of white paint can cover up. The place is still a sunless cave, but it´s looking more and more habitable. God knows we may just end up living in there, if our luck does not change soon. So I have all kinds of thoughts about what to do with the room decor-wise. (Paddy says he´s sick of ideas, and just wants to clean it up and get it over with.)

That is probably what we will do.

Now I must pick up Libby and buy more paint, and make some telephone calls. Life here isn´t always Arcadian. Like Robert Louis Stevenson said.

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