Tuesday, 11 September 2007

An evening stroll in Moratinos

I´m cheating here, I know, but I´m up to my ears in homework. We just took the dogs for the standard-issue evening walk to Villa Oreja, and pictures can show you what I keep writing about... the light, the fields, the critters, the shiny bodega, the street, the place, and the incredible sky. I´ll try to get them in some kind of order. (the pics are loading funny. If you really want to see one better, just double-click on it.)

Try to imagine a good strong breeze blowing, and a little hint of rosemary in the air. And some big crows wheeling overhead, and a few biker pilgs zipping by. And two dogs, newly washed, hunting mice and rolling in stinky things.

When we get back up the street Paddy makes us a drink and I water the flowers. The roses are blooming beautifully, even among the wreckage. The sky picks up the same pink, and the horizons go all water-colory. Tomorrow, my daughter Libby will be here to see it too! Yippee!

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