Tuesday, 14 August 2007

¿Donde estan los Bozos?

Well, OK. I got rid of the blog about bozos and hermits, which occupied this space for about 12 hours. Not because it was a bad blog -- I rather liked its surreal narrative. It showed how my mind works. But it was unacceptable for several reasons, so I iced it.

Be assured that everything I post here first passes a stringent Quality Control Regimen, which sometimes even includes a spell-check. Unfortunately in this case, some of those featured in the Bozo Blog were less than happy about it: Most notably the people who own Bozo. Bozo the Clown, that smiling goober who´s frightened generations of American children, is a copyright, and I am warned to cease and desist from using his image in my blog or face the most dire consequences.

No matter that the blog really had nothing to do with the loveable cartoon character. (The bozos in question are the team of highly skilled extortionists/builders who occasionally show up to drive a few nails at our house project and shake us down for a few thousand euros so they can buy more nails.). The goons who own Bozo´s image aren´t joking around. They apparently are not burdened with a well-developed sense of humor. (Which begs the question: Who is the REAL Bozo, when there are so many wandering the world? Is Bozo a real person, or is he a spirit? Or even a Lifestyle?)

And wow, what I could make of actually being SUED by the Bozo People!
But for now there are enough clowns in my life who want to take away all my money.

I haven´t heard from the multinational conglomerate that likely now owns Paramount Pictures, which I assume owns the image of Julie Andrews playing Maria in ¨The Sound of Music.¨(That was another image I kyped for the blog. Far as I know Maria isn´t related to Bozo, except they both wear blue outfits and hang out with gangs of small, singing children.) But I made that go away, too, before their lawyers could threaten to take away all My Favorite Things.

Now everyone in Copyright land can unknot their knickers and get back to counting paperclips and downloading porn and picking their noses.

It wasn´t just the Corporate Sharks who didn´t like the blog much. My friend Tino said it was sentimental. Patrick said it made him look like a crybaby. I haven´t received complaints yet from any hermits, but I understand they often have problems with web access.

So I am re-thinking what I oughtta blog... maybe less of what´s happening in my head, and more of what´s happening in town. Both places are populated with otherworldly beings and fantastic dialogs. Both are trips to exotic, sometimes dark terrain. But Moratinos is probably a lot less subject to corporate copyright infringement enforcement bozos.


Colin+Margaret said...

Shame, we enjoyed it.

Elizabeth said...

I liked it too, but it did make me a little sad.

Jim G said...
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Jim G said...

This comment is less useful now that the post has grown cold, but there is a reason why the Bozo the Clown folks are so particular.


I've been to the aforementioned BBQ joint several times. Not bad, but not my favorite, but then Memphians are spoiled when it comes to such things.