Sunday, 3 June 2007

still alive, but off in Aragon

Wow, I didn´t know you guys CARED so much!

I haven´t been blogging because I´ve been off driving all over the eastern Pyrenees mountains with my buds Edie and Kathy from California. We´ve been to Arab baths in Madrid (and bought string bikinis for the about WILD), the airport in Barcelona (where we picked up a rather hot black Volvo) and drove to Girona,(home to one of the best art museums I´ve been to!) Besalu, St. Joan delas Abbesses, and into French Cathar country, home to a 13th century religious genocide in a really lovely countryside.

Then back to Spain via Andorra, which was very disgusting.

Then to Monserrat, another Disneyland. I want to write at length about Blessed Virgins, so watch this space!

Now off to walk the Camino Aragones from Jaca.
I´ll be back.


Anonymous said...

BLOG MORE! :-) eating paddy's eggs, drinking coffee, reading blogs and emails, sun shining, dreaming of walking the camino, BLOG MORE! so I can live through you :-) I wish you so much luck it hurts, have a blast xxx, James said...

when did Paddy start making EGGS? The man is amazing!